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Travel & Photography Guides by JPBoardman

Updated: Mar 7

As a photographer and creative events producer specialising in live events, I've been lucky enough to travel with my work, as well as leisure and have lots to share.

I'm always getting messages on Instagram asking for recommendations for the places I've travelled to, the places I've stayed, where I've eaten, the photography gear I travel with and the best spots in town.

Introducing 'Travel & Photography Guides by JPBoardman'. An honest and real reflection of the places I've been, what they were truly like, whether they were worth it, where to find great coffee, wine bars, the best snacks and smalls plates places.

And of course, we'll have a bunch of photographs that I've taken. And where required, some I didn't take (because who photographs the insides of hotel rooms before dumping all of your bags all over everywhere).

Come along for the ride and don't forget to like and subscribe. If that's still a thing.


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